Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Visit to B&N = Trip to Heaven on Earth + A Review

The title is a bit of an exaggeration since I couldn't buy anything nor could I take any pictures of my favorite shelves at Barnes and Nobles. There's food, furniture and the unforgettable books, very homely. I can live there. Instead, I ran around trying to remember every title I want so I could get them at the library. But I did read Babymouse Dragonslayer! I've been waiting so long for it, or at least it felt like forever.

Summary from B&N

Get ready for the next big epic fantasy . . .

In a distant kingdom a growing darkness falls over the land.

One is called to defend . . . to bring hope . . . to slay the Mighty Dragon. . . .

Could it be . . . Babymouse? Find out when Babymouse leads her fellow Mathletes in the quest of a lifetime, a death-defying fight to win back both her school’s honor and the coveted GOLDEN SLIDE RULE. Our brave young hero must face not just the evil Owlgorithms but also her own personal dragon—MATH. Destined for glory, for greatness, for bookstores and libraries everywhere . . . this is the epic adventure fans have been waiting for!

This is, without a doubt, the wittiest of the Babymouse series. It wasn't just Math, Babymouse's least favorite subject, it's how slaying dragons fit so well with Babymouse's situation. She was on the matheletes doing problems I can almost call easy. The Babymouse series is good to read when you just want to unwind. Light and enjoyable everytime. The twelfth book in the series, Babymouse Burns Rubber, comes out January 2010.

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